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Tenant Resources

Tenant Resources

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Pay Rent Online Notice to Vacate Move Out Checklist Sample Lease

Please read the following policies. If you feel you meet the qualification guidelines, please submit an application. We do process all applications received, but will notify you if there are multiple applications to let you determine if you want us to proceed. The reason is that we have an obligation to the owner of the home to find the best qualified applicant. Incomplete applications will not be considered.

Remember that this Tenant Criteria must be signed along with your application forms


Processing Fees:

There is a $50.00 non-refundable processing fee for each applicant. Personal checks will not be accepted.

Credit Criteria:

Income Criteria:


Photo ID’s must be provided at the time the lease application is submitted.

Condition of Move-In:

If, after reading the above and reviewing our Criminal Background & Pet policy, you consider yourself qualified under these guidelines, please understand the following:

CREDIT CRITERIA: The following can be used for rejection or increased Security Deposit:

Criminal Check: Felony Convictions involving person or property crimes are cause for automatic rejection.

A criminal background check will be run on every applicant. Review the attached list of offenses that are cause for rejection.

CRIMINAL BACKGROUND POLICY: Your application authorizes 1st Choice Property Management to perform a Criminal Background check on you. The following offenses are cause for automatic rejection:

Any other offense may be cause for rejection or for special provisions to be added to your lease, such as Bad Checks would be cause for us to not accept rent payment by check.

Pet Policy:

Our Pet Policy is as follows, and this is not an agreement to allow you to have a pet as a Pet Agreement must be in place before you bring a pet on the property. We have a policy of one pet maximum per household, and all pets must have current shots. When you apply to have a Pet Agreement, a current picture of the pet must be submitted, along with their shot records, when making application. The Pet Agreement is only good for that particular pet and not for any subsequent pets.

All pets (Limit 2) will be subject to a $300 non-refundable pet fee. All pets will need to apply at:

We will not accept Pit Bulls, Rottweilers, Mastiffs, or any other breed that is considered aggressive. The yard must be picked up at least twice weekly. Fences will be maintained by the tenant to insure the pet remains in the yard. Pets will not be allowed loose outside of the backyard. No dogs will be allowed in a home that does not have a fenced yard.

If, after reading the above and reviewing our Pet and Criminal Background policy, you consider yourself qualified under these guidelines, please note following:

  1. We will not process your application without the correct funds and all documentation being submitted together.
  2. The application must be complete and legible. Each person 18 and older must submit a separate application. Emancipated minors must fill out an application. Only one person per application.
  3. We require one application per person, married or not. The $50 application fee is non-refundable.
  4. Valid phone numbers must be provided to verify all employment and income.
  5. Landlord information must be complete and a daytime phone number supplied for the past two years of rental verification.
  6. Once we notify you that your application has been approved, you will have three (3) business days to bring the full Security Deposit and if applicable, the pet deposit, to our office and for all applicants to sign the lease. Lease signing is normally done electronically. If done in person, it will take 30 to 45 minutes.

The TAR Lease Explained

The below video offers a high level explanation of the TAR residential lease but does not cover every aspect of the lease agreement. It is important to review the lease in detail before signing.